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Re: new list and personal fights on debian

On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 11:20:15AM -0000, Anonymous wrote:
> because i cannot afford to publically go against the heavy
> weights at this point in my life.  i am sorry for my lack
> of credibility but  since you asked i am not an important
> person but i believe in free software.

a) They are just people like you and me
b) They respect and listen to you more when you have the guts to make
   a stand and not hide behind a remailer
c) Every one in the community is important by definition, and by just
   being involved

For those of you not paying attention, this type of anon email is the
whole point behind this discussion. No one should feel afraid to post
in rebuttle against the leaders of this community. If we can't doubt
their reasons, or question their motives, then they are not the leaders
that we need.

Eric, I believe a lot of people hold this against your character. The
image that you have given yourself over recent months is one of
independence and self rightiousness, which is something not well accepted
in a community this large. Most understand that you wish to make
decisions which are "better for us", but the fact is that it's not just
your decision to make. While you may have made the decisions involving
Apple with a group in the OSI, you are the one who's name is well known
and receives the lime light. You should expect this and be careful with
the responsibility it carries.

Bruce, over the past several months, you've come to realize where the
roots are in the community, and re-attached yourself with it. However,
some feel that you are trying to feed off of the public lists and
opinions just to get affirmation on what you believe. Maybe in the
future it would be wise to refrain from directing public statements
toward specific people. I think from your posts, you already realize this.

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