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Re: new list and personal fights on debian


Someone please block this "person". Anonymous mail has no place here.
And to the anonymous mailer, I just can't resist to call him/her a hypocrite.
He/she is the last one who is allowed to complain about unsolicited mail on
this mailing list in my moral book.


On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 08:57:43AM -0000, Anonymous wrote:
> i believe it is a mistake for debian to be involved 
> in a personal fight between bruce perens and eric
> raymond.  people are too eager to jump the gun in
> a personal dispute where we only have half of the
> facts, not hesitating to perform character defamations
> on eric.
> i do not know why such messages are being posted
> to debian-devel but it all seems like power play
> As david welton has wisely said such messages are 
> not appropriate in debian-devel and need a new home.

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