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Re: Intenet to package tuxeyes

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Brian E. Ermovick wrote:

> Hehehe -- perhaps so, but it's one thing to build a .deb from somebody
> else's source, and quite another to write the source yourself. *wince*
Of course.

> I'm afraid any X coding, whether it be qt, imlib, whatever, is still
> *WAY* beyond my meager coding experience.
May be you *try* if your expectation is right and look at the source.
In any case you'll get some coding experience and in many cases you don't
have to understand the whole thing to change some things.  The first
try to estimate the coding effort would be a
   grep "qt_" *.c
(or whatever naming scheme the QT tool functions have -- I didn't deal
with QT before).

But anyway it would be a funny thing to have even in contrib.

Kind regards


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