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Re: new list and personal fights on debian

On Tue, Apr 06, 1999 at 10:22:03AM -0000, Anonymous wrote:
> hi bart.  you may not agree with the concept of anonymity
> but if a new debian list is the result than it was all
> worth it as it will decrease the amount of mail i get in
> my mailbox due to threads having nil to do with debian
> development and all to do with [fill in appropriate word].

You didn't read enough between the lines. I do agree with the concept of
anonymity, but I fail to see why you need it in a normal (hopefully even
technical) discussion.

And how would anonymity help? It certainly doesn't give you more
credibility. For that you should rather post under your own name, so
that people can see that someone they've seen posting useful stuff (or
maintain useful packages even) has something important to say.

The idea is that the first face shown to people is one they can readily
accept - a more traditional logo. The lunacy element is only revealed
subsequently, via the LunaDude. [excerpted from the Lunatech Identity Manual]

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