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Re: Perl modules and perl upgrade


Zephaniah E. Hull, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>The problem is that the upstream perl maintainers have proven that we
>can NOT count on perl5.006 being compatible with perl5.005 in any major

There are still major programs that will work without change between
versions.  I know this because I have an 8K line project that works with 
both 5.004_04 and 5.005_0[23].  There needs to be a way for people to
depend/recommend/suggest Perl without worrying about a version.

>> My current plan is to implement perl-thread in the same way
>> that perl-debug is implemented, just with more files.  Since I haven't
>> done it yet, I don't know if it will work.  We'll see.
>I'd much rather see the perl threading stuff done as just another perl
>version, enforcing that different 'major' (5004, 5005) versions are /NOT/
>to be considered compatible with one another..

The compatibility of full releases of Perl (5.004, 5.005) and the
compatibility of Perl threading are orthogonal.  Perl threading is still 
a rather experimental feature.

>ANYTHING which can't afford to break horribly if /usr/bin/perl points to
>the threaded perl, or some incompatible new version of perl, should use
>some means to be sure that what it uses is something which is known

/usr/bin/perl will never, ever point to a threaded Perl through some
package.  This would be similar to but worse than it pointing to
perl-debug.  Someone will have to specifically do this themselves.  They
can then deal with that world of pain themselves.

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