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Re: Perl modules and perl upgrade

On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 08:47:31PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > No, the perl and perl-base packages will be completely empty and will
> > always depend on the perl5.004 packages, they will be there to ease
> > upgrades from slink and earlier, nothing more..
> Apart the fact that perl-base is still needed, i'd like to mention that
> it's not a good idea to make all perl programs depend on a specific version
> of perl. We really need a way to say : this is a perl script and it does
> need perl whatever version it is ! If it's not « perl » it may be something 
> like « perl-interpreter » that would be provided by each perlX.XXX 
> package...

The point is that we don't have versioned provides, and the reason for
perl5.005 to be separated in the first place is that in same areas its
/NOT/ compatible with perl5.004, and perl5.006 may not be compatible
with perl5.005 or perl5.04 in all areas..

For programs which will work with perl5.004 or 5.005 then they can
depend on (perl5.004 | perl5.005), but we have no way of knowing if they
will work with perl5.006, and the upstream perl maintainers have proven
that they will break things on such 'minor' level version changes..
> > With my scheme it will be trivial to add a perl5.005t or however you
> > want to name it, just treat it as another version of perl..
> Wrong because all binary modules will have to be recompiled for 
> perl5.005-thread ... threaded and non-threaded binary modules
> are incompatible.

Exactly, that is why the @INC path for perl5.005 should not include the
module path for perl5.004 (The current one, which is unversioned)..

It may be a semi-minor annoyance, but it allows for perl5.005-thread to
be just another perl version, just like perl5.005, and perl5.006..
> Cheers,
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