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Re: Perl modules and perl upgrade

Le Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 05:24:35AM -0500, Zephaniah E. Hull écrivait:
> > - all CPAN perl modules will use the versionned directories and they'll
> >   depend on perl5.005 (and NOT perl). That way, when perl5.006 comes out
> >   they won't break.
> All perl modules.. (Though at some point a bit for common perl modules
> may become useful, there are some very hazardous traps with doing such)

I said all CPAN perl modules because for (program|debian)-specific 
modules, they could use a specific directory ! Like I did for
dpkg-ftp and like I suggested for netbase.

> No, the perl and perl-base packages will be completely empty and will
> always depend on the perl5.004 packages, they will be there to ease
> upgrades from slink and earlier, nothing more..

Apart the fact that perl-base is still needed, i'd like to mention that
it's not a good idea to make all perl programs depend on a specific version
of perl. We really need a way to say : this is a perl script and it does
need perl whatever version it is ! If it's not « perl » it may be something 
like « perl-interpreter » that would be provided by each perlX.XXX 

> With my scheme it will be trivial to add a perl5.005t or however you
> want to name it, just treat it as another version of perl..

Wrong because all binary modules will have to be recompiled for 
perl5.005-thread ... threaded and non-threaded binary modules
are incompatible.

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