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Re: moving of dinstall run time on master.

Adam Heath wrote:
> And please, don't forget that debian does not pay for this bandwidth.

This is not the cause of this discussion.

> > > Moving dinstall's run time involves more than just the ftpmasters.  They do
> > > NOT run debian.  They work FOR debian, and FOR the developers.  Because of
> > > this, I decided to have broader distribution of this notice.
> > 
> > Novare does not work for Debian or for the developers.  Why should
> > they make a decision?
> Because we pay for the bandwidth.  We have every right to say how that
> bandwidth is used.

If this is the oppinion of Novare then Debian has to look for a new
home for master.  It is absolutely not acceptable that a donor or loaner
dictates certain things.  I'm sorry.

You have, of course, the right to say "this affects our work, so please
change it or we have to quite donating bandwidth or restrict it via
a traffic shaper".



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