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Re: moving of dinstall run time on master.

Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> writes:

> > This is the ftpmasters job.  You don't have ANY right to change their
> > work (or their crontabs) as they are still around.  You should however
> > contact them and discuss the issue.
> I don't have a right?  They may own the work, but they don't own the
> machine(s)(master, teir one mirrors), nor do they pay for the bandwidth.
> There is no reason to have dinstall run during the day.

Wait a minute.  Since when does Novare dictate Debian policy?  Why are 
you, or they, forcing decisions on Debian solely by virtue of your
status as a donor of equipment to Debian?

Once again, Novare people are invoking their status as Debian donors
as justification for imposing decisions on Debian.  Regardless of
whether the move is justified (I believe it is), you are not the one
to force this decision on Debian, and the fact that your company
donates equipment to Debian gives it no special right to control
Debian.  Where does the Constitution, or the SPI Bylaws, state that
donors have control over Debian affairs?

> Moving dinstall's run time involves more than just the ftpmasters.  They do
> NOT run debian.  They work FOR debian, and FOR the developers.  Because of
> this, I decided to have broader distribution of this notice.

Novare does not work for Debian or for the developers.  Why should
they make a decision?

> ps: Let's not forget, how much is donated/loaned to debian.

I am certainly grateful to Novare for that.  But that doesn't mean
that they can dictate Debian policy.

> pps: Some of this email is from me, and some of it is from novare.
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