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Re: moving of dinstall run time on master.

Stephen Crowley wrote:
> > Once again, Novare people are invoking their status as Debian donors
> > as justification for imposing decisions on Debian.  Regardless of
> > whether the move is justified (I believe it is), you are not the one
> > to force this decision on Debian, and the fact that your company
> > donates equipment to Debian gives it no special right to control
> > Debian.  Where does the Constitution, or the SPI Bylaws, state that
> > donors have control over Debian affairs?
> >
> It has nothing to do with the constituion or bylaws, its common sense. If
> someone is *donating* something, and they want to change something which
> will *not* affect the project and make their lives easier. Then by all
> means, it should be done. 

But not by dictating thing like doogie does.  Novare should have asked if
the cronjob could be moved 5 hours back and it would be done without any
major discussion.

> > > Moving dinstall's run time involves more than just the ftpmasters.  They do
> > > NOT run debian.  They work FOR debian, and FOR the developers.  Because of
> > > this, I decided to have broader distribution of this notice.
> > 
> > Novare does not work for Debian or for the developers.  Why should
> > they make a decision?
> Because they donate bandwidth and hardware.

No!  Next time a donor says they don't like mSQL and they remove it
from the archive.  Just because they donated bandwidth and hardware?



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