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Re: make anacron a base package


Ship's Log, Lt. Julian Gilbey, Stardate 250399.1740:
> Not base package, no.  Anacron is neither needed for booting the
> computer nor for rescuing it.  Important or standard, maybe.  At the
> moment cron Suggests: anacron; maybe it could Recommend: it?
> I hear the argument for anacron's importance, though.  Anacron could
> always be installed as a standing, with a postinst asking whether it
> is wished or not.
> I even use anacron on my machine which is up most of the time, but has
> been known to have down periods ;-)

Well ... for me it was an important and releasing thing to purge anacron.

My computer is up most of the time and so scripts always got run twice.
This slows down my 'puter very much :-(

Even after being down for a while, I rather wait until cron runs again then
suddenly haveing all scripts come up at once :(

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