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Re: make anacron a base package

> Hello
> Can't we move anacron to a base package?
> On a not-24h-run computer, the system need anacron to make this work
> (update the locate-db for example) and on a 24h-run computer anacron
> don't disturb the computer.

Not base package, no.  Anacron is neither needed for booting the
computer nor for rescuing it.  Important or standard, maybe.  At the
moment cron Suggests: anacron; maybe it could Recommend: it?

I hear the argument for anacron's importance, though.  Anacron could
always be installed as a standing, with a postinst asking whether it
is wished or not.

I even use anacron on my machine which is up most of the time, but has
been known to have down periods ;-)



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