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Re: Mostly free software...

On Fri, Mar 26, 1999 at 01:37:04AM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
> David Welton <davidw@master.debian.org> writes:
> > I think licenses like this are a danger to truly free software.  See
> > the success of mysql at the expense of postgresql...
> They certainly are.
> > OTOH, I don't see anyone coming up with good ways to pay people to
> > *develop* free software, so I can't really be too harsh with those of
> > us who don't want to give up things like a house, wife, children, car,
> > but who still want to write software for a living.
> Given that you're talking to a forum that contains a fair number of
> people that make their livings from developing and supporting free
> software, your assumptions are clearly incorrect.

Supporting is quite distinct from developing.  Who is making a living
developing free software?  I'm quite interested in hearing about it -
there are a number of models floating around there now, and I'm
anxious to see which ones prove successful.  Abisource is one of the
few that I can think of that is purely free, and is actually creating
their own product, instead of bundling, or supporting other's stuff...
> > I admire and respect RMS for his total dedication to free software,
> > but at the same time, I think that, frankly, it's ludicrous to expect
> > someone to not want some sort of compensation for their efforts
> > talents and time.

> RMS gets paid handsomely for his time when he's consulting.

RMS is a genious.  The majority of us are bright, but not on that
level, I don't think.

> If people want to write commercial software, then it's up to them,
> but I can do without the "I'd really like to do free software, but I
> need to pay the mortgage" crap.

How about - "I'd like to write free software not just in the evenings,
but 8 hours a day - how do I do it?".  

> I develop and support free software for a living, and I pay the bills.

Cool:-> You are very lucky (and talented, I'll assume).  Hopefully, in
the future, there will be more of us.

> I see no reason for us to make allowances for people who decide to
> compromise their principles (assuming they had any) in return for an
> easy life.

I never said anything about making compromises, I was just grousing:-)
I think free software is *right*, but don't see any real clear answers
regarding the economic side of things.

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