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Re: Joining ipv6 efforts

On Mon, Mar 08, 1999 at 12:07:17AM +0100, Michel Onstein wrote:
> as i've been of this list for a while this might have already been asked
> (I did skim the archives for it, but might have overlooked), are there
> efforts being made to have debian support ipv6. 

netbase 3.14-1 just installed into unstable today is somewhat IPv6
capable.  With the new netbase and an appropriately configured kernel,
you ought to be able to get something like the following to work:

	# insmod ipv6
	# ifconfig lo add ::1
	# ping6 ip6-localhost

Which was fun and inspiring for me, at least.

The next few things that we need to get working are some sort of telnet
client, and IPv6 capable inetd, radvd, and then we're pretty much left
with the trivial and unexciting task of changing every program in the
distribution to cope with IPv6 name lookups and addressing...

I'm not quite sure how well the most recent netbase's compile on non-i386
arches. They *ought* to work, but...

Both Joel Klecker and I have made an attempt at packaging radvd. I don't
think either of us ended up with something we were particularly happy
with, though. :) My somewhat dodgy efforts are at

	deb http://www.debian.org/~ajt/ipv6 ipv6 unstable

> This because i'm setting
> up a glibc2.1 - ipv6 debian box and find myself in the need of recompiling
> and packageing various packages.

How's this going?


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