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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

In article <19990324134752.A27047@rising.com.au> you write:
>On Wed, Mar 24, 1999 at 10:29:34AM +1100, Brian May wrote:
>> The rest is IMHO, as a non-developer:
>> If a) is the main problem, there should be a way to highlight important
>> posts (eg glibc 2.1 WILL be uploaded) from other posts (eg SHOULD glibc
>debian-devel-announce would be appropriate for announcements like
>"glibc 2.1 WILL be uploaded".

Ok. I stand corrected. In this case, problem a) is not an issue.

>> c) this is a more serious issue, but before you propose to ban
>> non-developers postings, please justify that us non-developers make
>> postings that are not important to Debian... ie it looks like part of
>Indeed. I have found your posts (such as this one) to be valuable


>Brian, and I had no idea until this post that you were not a developer.

I sent in my registration form over a month ago.

>That does not change their value to me in any way. ie, I think it would
>be a mistake to deny posting access to all non-developers.

I know of other non-developers who also post information I consider
important to Debian. I think it is better to look at the content of each
posting rather then the [non-]developer status of the poster.

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