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Re: Mostly free software...

David Welton <davidw@master.debian.org> writes:
> I think licenses like this are a danger to truly free software.  See
> the success of mysql at the expense of postgresql...

They certainly are.

> OTOH, I don't see anyone coming up with good ways to pay people to
> *develop* free software, so I can't really be too harsh with those of
> us who don't want to give up things like a house, wife, children, car,
> but who still want to write software for a living.

Given that you're talking to a forum that contains a fair number of
people that make their livings from developing and supporting free
software, your assumptions are clearly incorrect.

> I admire and respect RMS for his total dedication to free software,
> but at the same time, I think that, frankly, it's ludicrous to expect
> someone to not want some sort of compensation for their efforts
> talents and time.

RMS gets paid handsomely for his time when he's consulting.

If people want to write commercial software, then it's up to them, but
I can do without the "I'd really like to do free software, but I need
to pay the mortgage" crap.

I develop and support free software for a living, and I pay the bills.

I see no reason for us to make allowances for people who decide to
compromise their principles (assuming they had any) in return for an
easy life.  If they are doing commercial software, let them develop it
themselves, and stop trying to muddy the waters with almost-free
licenses that dupe people into doing their development for them.

Cheers, Phil.

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