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Re: Let's CENSOR it! (was: Uploaded anarchism 7.5-1 (source all) to master)

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> Ok, on this issue, I propose the following guidelines for what "info
> files" should and should not go into Debian.  This does not include source
> code/binary packages which need their own guidelines.

i strongly agree with the principle, but i think the guidelines for the
etexts/data/info/whateverweshouldcallit distribution (which, in case you
were two cents short, i think should go under either debian/dists/data or
better yet debian/project/data, to make it easy for mirrors to decide what
they want) that you propose are both too vague on some counts and too
complex in general. let's try to find the simplest possible rule. what seems
to be generally wanted is not to include in the distribution things that are
not software. documentation for software has to be in though, and any pure
data that's only useful for something in the distribution (gimp-data-extras
for example), and isn't anything on its own. so:

1. any actual programs are allowed in the software distribution.

2. any documentation for a program in the sw distribution is allowed.

3. any data files that are useful -only- for a program in the sw
distribution (or which has an installer in the distribution, for certain
nonfree things) is allowed. this does include plugin modules and such that
really are useless without the program they're designed for, but doesn't
include fortune cookie files (for example) or html mirrors, or miscfiles,
which are human-readable. now clearly this is the controversial part. should
we grandfather out fortunes and miscfiles, because they're considered
standard? i say no, but that's difficult, because they are standard. maybe
we should put them in both data and dists, or symlink from one to the other,
or something, but it needs to be decided on a per-case basis and it'll be a
controversial topic, i suspect.

bleem. maybe we should also include documents that are not related to a
software package but do relate to the distribution in general:
debian- or architecture-specific things that are helpful for getting things
to work. we have to be careful not to go overboard with these, though:
a few important documents, a good set of HOWTOs, the release notes of
course, and such, but -not- the debian social contract, the gnu manifesto,
and such. those belong in the nontechnical section. also we should put a
limit even on the technical documents we include: things for getting the
*operating system* up and running, but not "generic helpful hints about
system administration" and such; imho they belong elsewhere.

4. anything else goes in data. we probably need some different policy for
data packages; for instance, they shouldn't go in /usr/doc/packagename or
/usr/share/packagename, i don't think. /usr/share/misc/packagename might be
better. also they should probably all come gzip -9'ed.

comments encouraged, to either me or the list (but not both in the same
message please -- i don't filter my mail so cc'ing me is not helpful. thank

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