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glibc2.1 + apache1.3.4 weirdness


after i upgraded to glibc2.1 on 2 boxes one is experiencing the following
problem with apache:

apache: [Sat Mar 20 20:41:19 1999] [notice] Apache/1.3.4 (Unix) Debian/GNU
configured -- resuming normal operations
apache: [Sat Mar 20 20:41:19 1999] [alert] (22)Invalid argument:
initgroups: unable to set groups for User nobody and Group 4294967295
apache: [Sat Mar 20 20:41:21 1999] [alert] Child 192 returned a Fatal
Apache is exiting!

This (ofcourse) prevents apache from starting up. It looks like some 16/32
bit problem in the call to initgroups, cause 4294967295 == -1L and
according to /etc/group, nogroup == -2... maybe just coincidence...

A recompile of apache on that system does not solve the problem.

The weird thing is that on another box, the latest and greatest of potato
as well, it's all running fine... So it must be the combination of one or
2 packages?

Any thoughts?


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