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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Jaime E. Villate wrote:

> I am in favor of the idea of the orca. A bee would be nice too, but
> much more difficult to create, as someone has pointed out.
> A black and white orca could be a better,
> simpler logo. It can be easily drawn using postcript. For example, look
> at the drawing I've done with a few lines of postscript code:
>     http://quark.fe.up.pt/debian/orca.html
Nice work :).  I'm happy about the support of my idea.
Do you code PostScript often with an editor??
> I could easily import it into the gimp, put some colors and shading and
> submit it to the gimp-contest, but I think that would be cheating
> since I've been listening to this list and know what people want.
> Besides,
> the prize cd can be of more use to someone else but me. If anybody
> likes my drawing feel free to improve it and use it (or ask me to
> do any changes you might feel appropriate).
By the way:  I wonder if it is a good idea to have *GIF*-logos in the
contest.  All GIF-related stuff resides in non-free but the contest
states GIF or JPEG.  In my opinion it is a further sign of not
thinking enough about the logo problem when starting the contest.
I'd prefer PNG or the native GIMP format.  Even TIFF would be better.

Kind regards


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