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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> If there is an artist who takes the orca idea and does it well so that
> it will be the Debian logo I will show up the logo with the name
> of the artist when starting my image viewer paul.

I am in favor of the idea of the orca. A bee would be nice too, but
much more difficult to create, as someone has pointed out.
A black and white orca could be a better,
simpler logo. It can be easily drawn using postcript. For example, look
at the drawing I've done with a few lines of postscript code:


I could easily import it into the gimp, put some colors and shading and
submit it to the gimp-contest, but I think that would be cheating
since I've been listening to this list and know what people want.
the prize cd can be of more use to someone else but me. If anybody
likes my drawing feel free to improve it and use it (or ask me to
do any changes you might feel appropriate).

University of Oporto

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