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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> Nice work :).  I'm happy about the support of my idea.

Thanks. Brandon Mitchel encouraged me to send a gimp version to the
contest, and I did it last Saturday, but for some reason it doesn't
appear in the gimp page yet.

> Do you code PostScript often with an editor??

Yes. I've just finished writing a book with 218 figures all done
with emacs and plain postscript. The 218 figs. take up only 405k and I
was able to e-mail the manuscript to the publisher. If I had used
it would have taken several Mbytes since most figures have 3-d shaded

> By the way:  I wonder if it is a good idea to have *GIF*-logos in the
> contest.  All GIF-related stuff resides in non-free but the contest
> states GIF or JPEG.  In my opinion it is a further sign of not
> thinking enough about the logo problem when starting the contest.
> I'd prefer PNG or the native GIMP format.  Even TIFF would be better.

I agree. GIF is a bad choice and probably even illegal?

while we're at the subject, I should say that the gimp contest, even if
not ideal, has produced some very nice results. Sure, there are many
entries which do not qualify as a logo, but on the other hand, I was
impressed by the high quality of others. Even if they are bitmap images,
once there is a winner, we can make a vector-graphics version of it.
The important thing is that there are lots of good ideas in the contest
page. Also, it seems to take a few days for submissions to get published
in the gimp-contest page (I have not seem any of my 2 entries yet and
the latest file in the page is date February 19th) and therefore there
will be a large number of entries by the end of the week.

best regards,


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