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Re: [Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>] Re: Debian & BSD concerns

On Sat, Feb 20, 1999 at 02:38:42PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> -- forwarded message --
> From: Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>
>       In the past few days, there has been a proposal, and apparently
>     growing support for, a Debian version distributed with FreeBSD.
> I see no benefit in it.  It is true that some people are doing foolish
> things with Linux, and with GNU/Linux systems, such as promoting
> non-free applications on them.  But changing Debian to use FreeBSD
> would not stop those practices.  People can do the same things with
> the FreeBSD kernel as they do with Linux.  This solution seems to have
> nothing to do with the problem.

The benefit is a more diversified Debian.  We do not propose REPLACING
Linux with FreeBSD but rather ADDING FreeBSD as one more kernel the
Debian operating system runs on.

I do believe it is dangerous to become dependant on even the GPL'd Linux
kernel now considering the dangerous steps being taken to weaken it from
within.  Binary drivers are the beginning of the problem, but not the end
of it.  While adding BSD kernel does not protect us from this, it does
reduce our dependency on one particular kernel.  It also offers our users
more of a choice.

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 Keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never, 
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