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Re: Intent to package: GnuDIP

In reference to a message from Turbo Fredriksson, dated Feb 20:
> that they'd jusT SUED you!  These people are EVIL!!! They kidnapped my dog
> and G$%<S-F4>@^<S-F6>RB. f NO CARRIER

what's that? =)

> Do you think you can do a package of the current version and
> upload it (that way I can install it right away, instead of
> doing a 'local install').

will try..... i'll probably post a test deb before i do a real upload, since
i'm still new at this :-)

> TF> Means that it goes to contrib, but I don't have a problem with
> TF> that personaly...
> Fortunately no. The client part of mysql is in main.

so it doesn't matter that it *uses* the server? hm.... (related -- so this
should depend on mysql-base, but not on mysql-server?)

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