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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Slink

>>>>> "Dale" == Dale E Martin <dmartin@clifton-labs.com> writes:
    Dale> I just wonder if it has to do with dpkg versions or
    Dale> something like that.  Just because it works for you and me
    Dale> doesn't mean it does for everyone.  Hopefully, though, if
    Dale> you upgrade everything (including all libraries, dpkg, etc)
    Dale> to slink it will work.  (Maybe the person who reported the
    Dale> problem is running hamm dpkg or something.)

Hmm... possible, I guess.  I was testing the hamm jdk1.1-{runtime,dev}
package upgrades on a potato system.  I'l try the same upgrade on a
clean slink system.

It should be illegal to yell "Y2K" in a crowded economy.  :-) -- Larry Wall

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