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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd (+binary compatablity?)

Edward Betts <edward@hairnet.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb, 1999, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > There's no reason not to do it really... but who would use it?
> > Existing Debian users are probably pretty happy with the Linux kernel.
> > Existing FreeBSD users are probably pretty happy with their existing
> > installation and management system. (To us Debian users, it looks terrible --
> > I've tried it and didn't think much of it -- but to FreeBSD users it's
> > probably fine.)

> If we believe slashdot, Linux will soon replace windows as the prefered
> desktop OS. I don't what to run the same OS as everyone else I want to be
> elite, I want to run Hurd and FreeBSD :-)

I don't think that Linux will replace _soon_ windows. It will does this
surely, but it needs more time for this. Then I will estimately switch to Hurd 
or FreeBSD, because I like to run an os, on which I can develope programs, but 
isn't  used by everybody. At the moment I'm tending to FreeBSD and I'm going 
to try FreeBSD to see how good or bad it is.

> On another thought, I read somewhere FreeBSD is still a.out based, is this
> true? No ELF. Was there a plan to get all i386 unices running the same
> binaries. This would make the FreeBSD and Hurd ports a lot easier.

My latest information about FreeBSD say, that in 3.0 they are going to
change from a.out to elf in this version. There are also other major
changes in 3.0. So the problem with the binaries should be solved.

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