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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

prj@nls.net (Phillip R. Jaenke) writes:

> I've talked with a lot of webmaster types. And the word on the street is
> that they prefer FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD. They handle higher loads better
> than Linux, supposedly. Now, if I'm not mistaken, it's "Software in the
> Public Interest." I believe that Debian/GNU (FreeBSD,OpenBSD,NetBSD) is in
> the public interest. It may be a small public, as compared to Linux, but
> it is still the public. 

Talking about NetBSD, there are a lot of platforms which are supported
by NetBSD but not by Linux. We have now two old Vaxen running with
NetBSD and I like it, but installing software or upgrading is a
pain. I mainly ends in just overwriting a lot of files or making a new
install. I have at the moment the problem, that I want to replace
sendmail version 8.8.8 with version 8.9 to have the spamming rules,
but I have not done it yet because it's not as easy as it would be
with Debian Linux.

So I'm thinking of buildung a Debian NetBSD/Vax at least for the
additional packages.

Christoph Martin, Uni-Mainz, Germany
 Internet-Mail:  Christoph.Martin@Uni-Mainz.DE

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