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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Fredrik Ax wrote:

> I agree that this is a splendid idea. I also like the
> bee-idea/logo, but I have got the feeling that it would be easier
> to produce a good looking orca that is simpler to reproduce and
> scale than a bee. While the bee got tiny body parts (legs and
> antennas) and stripes all over the body, the orca's shape is much
> simpler and have only a got a couple of big black and white
> fields, and IMHO simplicity is beautiful!
I'm really happy to find someone who likes this idea.  I can
completely follow all arguings for the bee and could cope with
this logo.  Only in terms of ease to draw and scale and black and
white displaying the orca is far better.

In adition to my reasoning for the orca a have an addition:
- Orcas are as well as all the other dolphin species intelligent,
  more intelligent as man but only the mice are intelligenter on
  earth if we consider the investigations of Douglas Adams :).

Kind regards


PS: I will leave the net for four days now and may be you could find
    some gifted artist for the painting work.  I havn't contacted
    tigerd yet but will do that when I'm back.

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