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Re: Nazi signature (was: Re: Debian Logo Contest)

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 11:09:30PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Please read the thread about the unfortunate drawing ESR placed on
> the OpenSource web page.  Comparing M$ with the Nazis belittles the
> cruelties the Nazis did to Jews, Sinti, Roma, damaged people etc.
I was once told that, in polite society, it was inappropriate to
talk about religion and political views [or your sex life :)].

Debian is an international project: it would help if we were more 
sensitive sometimes or at least showed a level of greater understanding.
I'm not certain that some of the developers outside Europe fully appreciate 
what happened here under Hitler: something like the juxtaposition of 
quotations certainly doesn't help - even if intended as heavy irony.

I'm not sure how severe the German laws are against promoting Nazism:
it would certainly be difficult for Debian if we had to censor 
signatures or mailing list archives.  It's bad enough being spammed
by political parties in Scandinavia on the Bug Tracking System.


[A "damaged person" - I have cerebral palsy and consequent difficulty in

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