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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 01:18:45PM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> >  2:  Silhouette of a GNU.  Love that too!  It shrieks "svelte"
> > and "classy".  Thats how I've always wanted people to envision Debian
> > anyways :>  What possible objection could there be?  We are a GNU project,
> > and have more right than anyone save FSF themselves to use it.
> We are *not* a GNU project. Our relationship to the FSF is cooperative and

Which is why I don't want to use a gnu as a logo.

> closer then any time before the last years (we hae been a GNU project once).

Which was the best logo Debian ever had btw.  There is a good reason I placed
my Debian 1.1 cd cover in my bookshelf above the monitor btw.

> But still, Debian is under the umbrella of SPI, not FSF.

Which dosn't have a logo either...

> We *can't* use the GNU because we would have a hard time trademarking it.
> Please accept that.
> > 3:  Lighthouse with a beacon shining.  Great idea!  Implies rock solid
> > stability in a lashing sea of instability.  Also implies we're giving a
> > helping hand.  A very friendly image IMHO.
> Somehow I feel that this is already taken. I just don't remember where.
> >  Especially 2, if done by a competent artist.
> We don't need artists, we need designers (not that design is no art, and
> artists can't design. My point is that we need more Liechtenstein and less
> van Gogh).

Although I don't know Liechtenstein, I guess this reflects my problem I have
with the GIMP contest for a logo.



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