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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Chris Waters wrote:
> > Actually, I tried to start with that.  Look in the debian-devel archives
> > for a thread entitled "Mascot for Debian" (or something like that).
> I'm really happy to know, that my image of the Debian project is right
> and there are everytime people who think over importand things :).

And there are always people who flag threads with wrong priorities
and fail to join them. :(

> > After watching the lengthy debate that ensued following my lone innocent
> > post, I decided that we might as well allow the artists the freedom to
> > propose ideas through their art, rather than trying to force them to
> > render a pre-selected image.  This follows the traditional Debian cry:
> > "show me the code!"  Those who actually *do* the work are in charge. 

Indeed.  Unfortunately there are some people with good ideas but without
proper drawing skills.

> OK, but defining what we understand under the term logo would help
> the artists and would save the time of creating Debian "signatures".

That's what I've done in my RfS mail.  And I wished the logo team
would have done that as well.  Browsing through their work I thought
that they did and kept off of that playground.  I also remember that
there were some definitions made after Deb the Chick was chosen.

> So the remaining question for me is, why we can't bring it to an end.

Difficult.  If we would have only submissions that meet our own rules
and would need to choose between some 20 logos this would be possible.
But as long as people don't agree to the same rules a logo must apply
this is difficult.  Fortunately people seem to agree to the same rules

> The Debian leader ship election was comming to an end.  Set up new
> voting pages with the most discussed animals, lets choose the mascot and
> give the artists a chance to work to this topic.

This, of course, means that we need artists to draw all of our ideas.
Depending on who is asked this can take a while...

> I'm really sure that my orca wouldn't be the winner :).   I could
> spend my time in more succesful things.  But I'm happy to bring up
> this discussion once again so a call for decision was repeated and
> may be this helps.

Yeah, this is one of Debian's unspoken mottos: Do what you can and
do it in a good way.  If you can't draw but have cool ideas, don't
draw but bring them up.



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