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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 01:18:45PM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
>  2:  Silhouette of a GNU.  Love that too!  It shrieks "svelte"
> and "classy".  Thats how I've always wanted people to envision Debian
> anyways :>  What possible objection could there be?  We are a GNU project,
> and have more right than anyone save FSF themselves to use it.

We are *not* a GNU project. Our relationship to the FSF is cooperative and
closer then any time before the last years (we hae been a GNU project once).

But still, Debian is under the umbrella of SPI, not FSF.

We *can't* use the GNU because we would have a hard time trademarking it.
Please accept that.
> 3:  Lighthouse with a beacon shining.  Great idea!  Implies rock solid
> stability in a lashing sea of instability.  Also implies we're giving a
> helping hand.  A very friendly image IMHO.

Somehow I feel that this is already taken. I just don't remember where.
>  Especially 2, if done by a competent artist.

We don't need artists, we need designers (not that design is no art, and
artists can't design. My point is that we need more Liechtenstein and less
van Gogh).


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