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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:

> I hope Andreas writes down the ideas presented here.
OK, here are the current "ideas" and I hope that the list will grow:

  0. The existing bee logo, whech seems me to be quite a good idea.
     (I took no. 0 because it existed before the idea contest started)
  1. The orca whale idea.
  2. The gnu idea ... there are several reasons against it (Joey and
     Markus Brinkmann mentioned the reasons)
  3. The swan idea
     My humble personal opinion is that there is only a weak connection to
     debian.  I could do some reasoning on this term but not inside
     these listing.
  4. The open book or box.
I forgot
 -1. The chicken if noone comes to a reasonable conclusion we should stay
     with the old chap or make him better.

So we have six ideas at this time.
I repeat it once more answering a posting which states that we do
software and this should be expressed in the logo and there are no
"debians" on our earth:
Funny answer:
  There are about 300 000 living organisms on earth which are
  unclassified by biologists.  The chance to find a "debian" under
  these life forms is definitively not zero.
Serious answer:
  Every day we have to do with two of the most valuable software
  projects of the free software community: Linux and GNU.  May be or not
  that SUSE was inspired to choose an animal logo because the basis
  of their work are these projects.  Also RedHat has a logo with
  life in it.  OK, we don't have to follow the way of others.  I don't
  like to go on the streets were many people go.  But if we want to
  go an other way, then we should go a *better* one.
  A "living logo" does not have a "Conflicts" entry against
  software projects!
  So once more:  if we want to attract people we have to present our
  project attraktiv.  A word, printed as beautiful as possible, can
  be eye-catching in a headline or a document and can support a good
  logo, but never be the logo itself.  If we want to express the
  technical perfectness in our logo we will attract only technical
  perfect people, but the user of Debian hasn't to be technical perfect.

So, what is in my opinion no idea:
Verifying fonts, colors, spacings and shadows of the word "Debian".
Why do I think that it is no idea?

   for ( i = 0; i < MAX_FONTS; i++ )
     for ( j = 0; j < MAX_COLORS; j++ )
       for ( k = 0; k < MAX_SPACING; k++ )
         for ( l = 0; l < MAX_SHADOWS; l++ )
           output_logo(i, j, k, l);

If you don't mind the code above is artifical intelligence, than I would
cope with my arguing that is no idea.  Sorry for the people under us
which took hours of really good looking realisations of the loop above.
Yes many of them look very good as a headline and I sometimes wish that
I would be able to do such things.  But this isn't a logo.

For those who were going by train in Germany:  The logo of the
Deutsche Bahn (DB) in plain sans serif is a good example for a bad
logo in my opinion -- regardingless the fact that the designer got
about 1 Million DM for that work.  Let us create a better logo for
free as well as we do the better operating system for free.

One technical remark:  I think it would be better if someone other
would maintain the "idea"-list. Reasons:
1) May be I would prefer my own idea and wouldn't be objective.
2) I will leave the net tomorrow for some days.
If this is no problem let me know and I will support these list.

Kind regards


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