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Best of the logo *ideas* so far

1:  Orca whale. I love it!  Orcas are big and friendly looking, kinda like
dolphins, but you sure wouldn't want to mess with them, they're a hell of a
lot more dangerous.

 2:  Silhouette of a GNU.  Love that too!  It shrieks "svelte"
and "classy".  Thats how I've always wanted people to envision Debian
anyways :>  What possible objection could there be?  We are a GNU project,
and have more right than anyone save FSF themselves to use it.

3:  Lighthouse with a beacon shining.  Great idea!  Implies rock solid
stability in a lashing sea of instability.  Also implies we're giving a
helping hand.  A very friendly image IMHO.

4:  swan? nix!  No way.  Its a logo for pansies.

5:  Deb the Chick?  I guess its the best logo we have so far, but I'd rather
see any of 1-3.  Especially 2, if done by a competent artist.

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