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Re: Thoughts about GIMP Logo Contest [long]

James A. Treacy wrote:
> >  . I refuse to accept that it is a good idea to depend on scalability
> >    of the logo but insist on using a bitmap-based program for its
> >    creation.  Bitmaps are not well scalable by definition, vector
> >    oriented things are, like xfig-based or postscript ones for
> >    example.
> > 
> Just because the submission is bitmap based does not mean we will not
> be preparing a vector based version. Scalability of an image (as an

Ok, so this makes the requirement rediculous.  I've created five wannabe
logos with xfig.  To submit them I would need to do the same with GIMP
(which seems to be impossible for me with my current knowledge) and we
will recreate them with xfig to get it scalable.



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