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[RfS] Request for Submissions: Upcoming Debian Logo

 I'd like *everybody* think about a possible logo.  Please notice the
 following simple rules:

 . The logo must NOT be linux-centric.  Thus a penguin in any form is
   inacceptable.  We have Debian GNU/Hurd and people are working on
   something similar to Debian Solaris.  Please accept that.

 . A logo is NOT a set of letters.  Thus the string "Debian" rendered
   very nice is ... a picture but not a logo.  Forget that.

 . A logo must be very recognizable.  You notice a cameleon and
   immediately you know that this is SuSE, you see a stylized red hat
   and for sure, that's RedHat.  Got it?

 . A logo needs to be simple, no details please.  People need to be
   able to recognize a logo, keeping it in mind.  They shall never
   lose it since it would represent the best set of free software.

 . A logo is simple.  A drawing is not a logo, nor is a painting or an
   image.  So put away all your van Gogh albums, their contents are
   useless as logos.

 . A logo needs to look good in colour (e.g. for a web page or a
   T-Shirt or a sweatshirt or similar, rendering here is fine) *AND*
   in black/white (as letterhead for button or similar).

 . A logo must be scalable.  You know, on a web page the logo is small
   and you don't want such a small logo on your T-Shirt, right?

 . A new logo must be new.  Don't come up with a logo that already
   exists.  So put away the Universal Studios logo, just because
   Debian is the Universal Operating System doesn't mean we may use
   their logo.  (although I believe that using a world or universe
   within the logo would be an interesting idea.)

 . The strings "Debian GNU", "Debian", "Debian GNU/Hurd", "Debian
   GNU/Linux" and/or "The universal operating system" will be added if
   needed.  Please don't include any of these strings in your

 Please keep in mind that a set of letters is NOT a logo and that both
 a penguin and "Linux" are not acceptbable.  

 If you lack some impressions please go to the railroad station,
 airport, harbour, tram station or shopping mall and realize how other
 logos look like.

 After that please draw your ideas on paper, digitalize and submit



We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        - Linus Torvalds

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