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Re: Thoughts about GIMP Logo Contest [long]

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 09:55:51AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
>  The day before yesterday at lunch time I took a look at the list of
>  submissions for our new logo and was *very* dissappointed.  I went to
>  lunch to meet a nice girl with a very bad mood.  I had to realize
>  that at least 70% of all current submissions fail simple rules for
>  logos - and our own rules.  The remaining max. 30% didn't look like I
>  could vote for them, although there were one to three that are
>  acceptable.
I haven't looked in a week, but those were my sentiments. At least one
of the unacceptable images was based on an idea that could be used to
generate a proper logo though.

>    No harm but these people are to design our logo?  I must have
>    understood something wrong - or somebody else...
Anyone is allowed to submit a logo so the winner could be one of us.
Please don't turn this into an 'us vs. them' discussion.

>  . I refuse to accept that it is a good idea to depend on scalability
>    of the logo but insist on using a bitmap-based program for its
>    creation.  Bitmaps are not well scalable by definition, vector
>    oriented things are, like xfig-based or postscript ones for
>    example.
Just because the submission is bitmap based does not mean we will not
be preparing a vector based version. Scalability of an image (as an
abstract object, not the bitmapped version) has nothing to do with the
fact that it was created originally as a bitmap. If there is too much
detail, then the image is clearly unacceptable under the rules.

>  . I don't think that we don't need to manipulate the winning logo.
>    Thus I believe that a submission which only impresses an idea, that
>    is only a preview but needs to be manipulated by a person with
>    proper skills, would be fine as well.
No where is it stated that we will not manipulate an image to create the
final version. At the same time we did not reserve the right to do so.
This was a mistake on our part. Of course, in either case we would need
to get the permission of the person whose image we would manipulate.

>  . It is unclear to me if we need to use the winner of this contest
>    for our new logo or if we can continue searching.
If none of the entries are acceptable, then we don't have to accept any
of them.

Jay Treacy

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