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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 04:27:16PM -0600, =>Merlin<= wrote:

> I don't see any point to this entire debate - FreeBSD is just another
> kernel.  If people want to work on it, fine.  


> GNU is already doing Hurd as well as Linux, so what is wrong with a
> BSD?  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that more of the conflict
> comes from the fact that _Debian_ does Debian _Linux_, while _GNU_
> is more varied.  All GNU programmers work under the same principles,
> but they are not necessarily Linux programmers.  "Debian" is Linux,
> whereas this would be something else that would probably need is own
> listserv.

sorry, that's wrong. Debian is not Linux. Debian is Debian. 

currently, the only released version of Debian runs on the Linux kernel.

there is also a work-in-progress to make debian run on the HURD kernel,
this is Debian GNU/HURD and it has nothing at all to do with Linux.

there's a lot more to debian than just the kernel - the most important
parts of debian (i.e. what makes debian so good) are unrelated to the
kernel...they are: the dpkg package manager and related utilities,
the free software volunteer development model, and most importantly,
debian's technical and development policies.

to me, this is a very important distinction. i could quite happily
switch kernels if something better than linux came along, but i would
hate to switch from debian....i'm reminded of this every day when i have
to use non-debian systems like the solaris boxes i have at work, or when
i have to work on a RH box or (worse) slackware.

if i could have debian's package management and packages conforming to
debian policy running on top of solaris then i wouldn't mind solaris so

in short: i like linux a lot, but i like debian even more.


ps: i recall seeing projects in the past to make a debian/solaris
and even a debian/hpux but they seem to have died out due to lack of

craig sanders

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