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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

Marcus Brinkmann writes:
>> 3:  Lighthouse with a beacon shining.  Great idea!  Implies rock solid
>> stability in a lashing sea of instability.  Also implies we're giving a
>> helping hand.  A very friendly image IMHO.

> Somehow I feel that this is already taken. I just don't remember where.
That'd be Netscape.  You don't see it on the Unix version, but they make 
a great deal of the whole "Navigator" motif, using lighthouses, rigging, 
and that big wheel thingy they have on ships.  Check out the box for
Netscape at your favorite retail store--it's got a big lighthouse on the 
front.  The icon for Netscape on a Mac is (I think) a lighthouse.

And idea just struck me as I was writing this; if the bee motif were
used, the official logo could be a queen bee, and the unofficial could
be a worker bee.  I'm not sure how these two types of bee look different
though; maybe the queen bee could be surrounded by lots of worker bees
or something.



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