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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

John Goerzen wrote:

> The GNU project (FSF) is all about GPL'd software.  It would be a
> horrible insult to them, and I think I would be offended too, if
> something that is not GPL or LGPL is called GNU.

Um, X is part of a GNU system.  And it's not (L)GPL'd.  GNU is a project
to create a free Unix system.  It includes both newly written code (all
the GPL'd stuff) as well as existing code (like X).  That's why RMS
talks about GNU/Linux.  Just about everything running on the Linux
kernel comes from the GNU system, except the kernel.  Even those parts
that aren't written by the FSF or GPL'd are still part of a GNU system.

As for the BSDers, they want to have their cake and eat it too.  They
want to allow proprietary derivatives, but not GPL'd derivatives?  My
ass!  If they want that, they should make their license say that. 
Otherwise, they've got no right to complain.  (Although I'm sure they
would, which is why I wouldn't touch a GNU/BSD project with a ten foot
pole.  But then I don't like BSD in the first place, so I may be
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