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Themes - do we package them?

E, wmaker, and GTK, to name but a few, are now becoming very themeable.

There is some debate as to whether we should package them.

In favour:

Personally, I like as much as possible on my machine to be registered with
the packaging system.


Themes can contain lots of graphics and be quite large, bloating the

Themes are generally distributed as tarballs and are trivial to install

In my personal opinion, we should package them.  As far as I'm concerned,
the increasing size of the distribution is inevitable, and we're going to
have to deal with it anyway - by better sectioning, using stow categories,
whatever.  And they may be trivial to untar, but it's nice to have them
under control.

We should probably split them into their own section or sections.

Another idea which was brought up is making a separate site for them -
I've little doubt that themes.org would be amenable to debian.themes.org
if we asked them.

However, this does seem silly, somehow.  If it's free, why aren't we
distributing it?


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