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Re: Themes - do we package them?

*- On 13 Feb, Jules Bean wrote about "Themes - do we package them?"
> E, wmaker, and GTK, to name but a few, are now becoming very themeable.
> There is some debate as to whether we should package them.
> In favour:
> Personally, I like as much as possible on my machine to be registered with
> the packaging system.
> Against:
> Themes can contain lots of graphics and be quite large, bloating the
> distribution.
> Themes are generally distributed as tarballs and are trivial to install
> anyway.

Just a thought. How about some mechanism similiar to kernel-package say
gtk-themes-package, wmaker-themes-package, etc? A program that takes the
standardized file structure of the theme tarball and packages it up in a
nice custom named deb that drops into the correct setup for Debian.  

This saves space on the mirrors and lets dpkg keep track of it.

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