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Re: Themes - do we package them?

On Sat, Feb 13, 1999 at 04:32:40PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> In favour:
> Personally, I like as much as possible on my machine to be registered with
> the packaging system.
Agreed.  I've wished more than once for themes to have been packaged for
ease of manipulation.

> Against:
> Themes can contain lots of graphics and be quite large, bloating the
> distribution.
Major concern

> Themes are generally distributed as tarballs and are trivial to install
> anyway.
So minor as to be irrelevent.

> We should probably split them into their own section or sections.
I'll agree with this.  They should be developed *and* we should create a
section on the same tier as main, contrib and non-free.  Call it data.
We can stick debs of certain data.  The census data that Dale has.  The maps
that are floating around, themes...
> Another idea which was brought up is making a separate site for them -
> I've little doubt that themes.org would be amenable to debian.themes.org
> if we asked them.
> However, this does seem silly, somehow.  If it's free, why aren't we
> distributing it?

If it's free, why do we *have* to distribute it?  Then again, some non-free
stuff, in a way, we are distributing it.  The bloat *does* need to be
considered simply because we're going to grow with executables alone.

All in all, I'd like to see themes distributed but not in main.  I also
want to see the census data debbed and putting the data section next to main
should take care of that... 

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