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Re: Register an icon for a program

Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> wrote:

> The menu package has a entry for mini-icons.

> ?package(xisp):needs=X11 section=Apps/Net\
>   title="xisp" icon="mini-xisp.xpm" command="/usr/X11R6/bin/xisp"

> Maybe it can also be extended to specify normal size icons.

I agree.
What the menu package calls "icon" in fact should be named "miniicon"
or something like this. I don't know how other window managers handle
this, but fvwm2 uses the given icon as a small icon next to the
command name in the menu. If someone defines a normal size icon here,
the menus look very ugly. So we should rename "icon" to "miniicon" and 
add a new option "icon" (or "normalicon") which holds a normal size icon
which can be used when the window is iconized.

Maybe we should define some size limits (minimal size and maximal size
for normal icons and mini-icons) to get a smarter look...

> Many application provide embended icons, and if they don't, then
> most likely the upstream author doesn't provide an icon. I am not an
> artist, ao I can't create a decent icon. What should I do in this
> case?

There are many choices:
1) Simply live without an icon for that program, if the user needs one 
   he can configure it himself.
2) Create a ugly icon and hope that someone hates it so much that he
   creates a better looking one and sends it to you ;-)
3) Look around on the net, there are many icons, maybe you can copy
   one and adapt it to your needs.
4) Write a line into README.debian, that you are looking for a nice
   icon, mabye someone will send you one.

> But I like the idea in general.

Me too. But I think we need some guidelines for this, to give the
package maintainers some hints how to configure this (defining the
difference between icons and mini-icons) and which sizes are preferred 
for icons and mini-icons (not too small and not too big...)



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