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Getting Slink compatible with Linux-2.2.0


With this message, I know I'm going to touch a rather sensitive subject, but
however, I think it's worth it.

I just tried to match the Changes file from Linux-2.2.0 with the slink
distribution, and was happy to find out that almost every requirement
mentioned in that file is fullfilled by the packages (versions) in slink.
However, one dependancy isn't resolved: util-linux. Linux-2.2.0 wants
util-linux 2.9g, but the one in slink is 2.7.1. Potato does have 2.9g. The
main difference between them is the mkswap utility (support for swapfiles >

In my more than honest opinion, I think util-linux 2.9g should be included
in slink. Developments in the computer business are going fast, as everyone
knows, and on the day slink will get released, I think a lot of people who
are going to upgrade to slink, also want to have the newest kernel, 2.2.
That's why slink should be compatible with Linux-2.2, otherwise it is quite
a bit outdated at the moment of release. There is a major difference between
not being compatible with the latest major kernel release, and not including
the latest patchlevel of some software thingie.

An option would be to backport the mkswap utility into util-linux 2.7.1.x,
but I'd rather prefer including 2.9g. Why? Because
linux/Documentation/Changes states that 2.9g is necessary. And that's the
file people will look in, when they want Linux-2.2. They're not going to
look at /usr/doc/util-linux/README.Debian. At least, that would be my guess.

Also, Stephen Crowley noted that new dhcp-packages should be included in
slink, because the ones that currently are in slink ain't compatible with
Linux-2.2 either, but maybe he can explain that himself :)

Brian et al., I hope you want to reconsider the point of including newer
versions of some packages in slink, even at this moment when the fridge is
working at maximum power...

Kind regards,

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