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Re: Getting Slink compatible with Linux-2.2.0

> In my more than honest opinion, I think util-linux 2.9g should be included
> in slink. Developments in the computer business are going fast, as everyone
> knows, and on the day slink will get released, I think a lot of people who
> are going to upgrade to slink, also want to have the newest kernel, 2.2.
> That's why slink should be compatible with Linux-2.2, otherwise it is quite
> a bit outdated at the moment of release. There is a major difference between
> not being compatible with the latest major kernel release, and not including
> the latest patchlevel of some software thingie.

A "stable" release is always out of date.  If you want leading edge, use
"unstable".  We release "stable" so people have a known set that works
together.  It isn't an attempt to package the end-all and be-all of
current Linux stuff.

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