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Re: Getting Slink compatible with Linux-2.2.0

On Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 08:36:53PM +0100, Remco van de Meent wrote:

> I just tried to match the Changes file from Linux-2.2.0 with the slink
> distribution, and was happy to find out that almost every requirement
> mentioned in that file is fullfilled by the packages (versions) in slink.
> However, one dependancy isn't resolved: util-linux. Linux-2.2.0 wants
> util-linux 2.9g, but the one in slink is 2.7.1. Potato does have 2.9g. The
> main difference between them is the mkswap utility (support for swapfiles
> 128M).

I'm forced to ask: what for?

a) If you DO NEED a > 128 MB swap file you are in serious trouble.  You
   should get more ram; the induced cost of extremely slow operation is much
   higher than that of two lousy DIMMs.

b) I've been running 2.1.x kernels for ages (ok, not that much, circa 80,
   give or take a couple of releases) at home, where I have a hamm box (with
   bits and pieces from slink and potato).  The only thing that I know I had
   to upgrade because of the 2.1.x kernels was ppp.  The other non-hamm
   stuff I have on that box is there because I need it, not because the
   kernel wants it.  There's a hamm box right in front of me running 2.2.0
   and as far as I can tell, it's quite happy with it.  The box I'm sitting
   at follows slink, and it's also running 2.2.0 very happily.

c) The argument "something on the kernel wants it" doesn't hold. For that
   matter, the kernel wants coda, and that's in project/experimental. What
   did you say?  That coda is not essential?  Neither is a huge swap file.


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