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Re: getting kernel 2.2 into slink

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I noticed, otherwise you get some weird resource busy-error. Didn't help
> though. My hardware isn't evil special.. (standard sb16 clone)

Unfortunatly, this is as evil as it gets. According to the current kernel
docs, there is no such thing as a SB 16 clone. There are a lot of boards
that can run in sb emulation in 8 bit mode, that claim to be SB 16 or SB pro
clones. Most boards that you think are a SB clone really have the Windows
Sound System chips in them.

I have 2 machines that I had set up as SB clones for the 2.0.x kernels, and
they worked in 8 bit mode and were generally crappy. With the newer kernels
I have reconfigured both machines to use the proper Windows Sound System
drivers (the ad1848 chip), and they work much better than I've ever seen
them, and in 16 bit mode at last.

I ended up just adding the following to /etc/modultils/local to get my card

options ad1848 io=0x530 irq=7 dma=1
options opl3 io=0x388

see shy jo

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