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Re: getting kernel 2.2 into slink

Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@cs.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

   Previously Ben Collins wrote:
   > All 4 of the Debian systems I run use 2.1.13x or 2.2.0-prex without any
   > changes to the basic setup.

   Just to give this some counterweight: I just tried 2.1.132 with the OSS
   sound modules and they failed horribly. I've never seem them like this
   before. Luckily I have ALSA working :)

You do know that the OSS modules in 2.1.x are drastically changed,
right?  You need to provide them with the IRQs and ports that they
need on the command-line, for instance.  I have the following in my
conf.modules for that reason:

options sb io=0x220 dma=1 dma16=5 irq=5

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