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Re: Debian goes big business?

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Christian Lavoie wrote:

> - Debian will lose its spirit if it goes itself for-profit.
> - A for-profit corporation based on Debian itself will eventually try 
> to influence/own it. (Consequences: See previous comment)
> Bottom line: Debian should remain developer controlled.

I wouldn't mind it if everyone disagreed with what I'm saying. But it
seems as if no one even understands what I'm saying. No one would be
taking home any profit in the system I'm talking about. The core
developers (the ones who currently control Debian) would be a kind of
board of directors. Developers would work for Debian instead of doing it
in their free time. Bottom line: Debian *will* remain developer

> On a side note, if a user-based co-operative society forms, would a 
> developer-based society of the same kind be appreciated? It could for 
> an example provide acquisition of patents (basically, to GPLized them) 
> and work to allow developers for better recognition, allow to access 
> better resources (like an equivalent to a membership to W3C, or other 
> reserved to corporation bodies thingies.) and tries to augment 
> developer communication and tries to 'enforce' major headings of the 
> dist. (Like, say, we're switching to libc7)

This sounds more like what I'm saying.

> Christian Lavoie
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