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Re: Debian goes big business?

> To preserve a kind of user support, we should create a DUA, which
> would have to do some/all of the following:

> - Provide single user free of charge support through internet.
> (email/newsgroups/knowledge base/whatever)
> - Provide corporate support, at a cost (cause they think it's better
> to pay it anyway), with the usual things sucha thing includes
> (on-site, 24 hours a day, programmation capable team to adapt a
> product)
> - Work head-to-head against RedHat/Caldera/SuSE for publicity on
> Debian and promoting .deb packaging of things like
> StarOffice/WordPerfect
> - Certification of technicians proficient in installing
> Debian/scripting and maintaining of a Debian system.
> - Be rentable, so it can re-invest back in publicity.
> - Cannot influence Debian developers more than the Debian users it
> deserves would influence it. (Meaning, you don't pay programmers, but
> you can kindly ask them for a bugfixe/feature ;P )

Sorry replying to my own post, but how about the following:

- Paying guys to maintain deb packages, package unpackaged software? 
High-school/college students would appreciate a lot, IMHO. Although 
not highly rewarding, it does include some technical knowledge, and 
proves some proficiency in compiling and ocnfiguration of Debian 

Christian Lavoie

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